VIB Discovery Sciences, BE


Anne Helfer, PhD, Expert Agro-Biotech - VIB Discovery Sciences. 

Dr. Anne Helfer is a plant biologist focusing on innovation for agricultural improvement. In 2016 she joined the VIB Discovery Sciences team, where she leads translational research projects in plant biotechnology and agrochemistry. She brought to this role her strong academic background combined with industrial experience, and an extensive network in the global scientific community.

Anne completed her PhD in 2001 at Louis Pasteur University (France) in the field of plant-microbes interactions. She was then a postdoctoral scientist at Royal Holloway University of London, and subsequently moved to the US to expand her research experience at the Scripps Research Institute and University of California, San Diego, bringing projects to fruition by publication in high impact journals. She returned to Europe to join BASF Plant Science where she worked on yield improvement and disease resistance in major crops, prior to transitioning to VIB. Throughout her career, Anne studied diverse aspects of plant biology such as interactions with pathogens, sensing of environmental signals, and growth regulation. She now exploits this broad expertise to develop innovative discovery projects with VIB researchers towards application in agriculture.