VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology, BE


Baptiste Fischer attended the University of Lorraine in Nancy (France) as an undergraduate and obtained the degree of Master of Health Sciences in 2008. Later on, he joined the lab of Guy Branlant at the same University and obtained his PhD in 2012 by studying a new aldehyde dehydrogenase family involved in the catabolism of aromatic toxic compounds.

In 2013, he moved to the VUB in Brussels for his postdoctoral work under the supervision of Wim Versées and participated in an interdisciplinary project with neuroscientists (Patrick Verstreken lab at the VIB-KUL). In this collaboration, they performed groundbreaking research on a rare genetic form of epilepsy and DOORS syndrome caused by mutations in the skywalker/tbc1D24 gene. They resolved the molecular mechanisms underlying these pathologies and elaborated a strategy to reverse these defects (patent application PCT/EP2017/071622).

Since 2016, Baptiste has been part of the team of Prof. Jan Steyaert (VIB-VUB) as a postdoctoral scientist where he is focusing on the development of new applications for Nanobodies (Nbs). He has been collaborating with his colleague Alexandre Wohlkönig to implement and develop a new technology named Chill&Disco which has the potential to identify Nbs that can modulate, stabilize or inhibit, PPIs. As a proof of concept, they focused on the oncogene Ras and generated Nbs that can be used as precision tools on Ras and its partners for various applications, like studying PPIs in cancer, changing enzymatic activity, structural characterization, drug discovery, cell target validation…