VIB Metabolomics Core, KU Leuven, BE


B Ghesquière is an independent group leader heading the VIB – KU Leuven Metabolomics Expertise Center since 2014. B Ghesquière was trained as a biotechnologist at the University of Ghent and worked with Professor Joël Vandekerckhove and Professor Kris Gevaert on the development of chromatographic technologies linked to state of the art mass spectrometry for the study of protein modifications linked to oxidative stress and protein N-glycosylation for his PhD and postdoc until 2010. In 2011, he joined the team of Prof Rod Levine (NIH, NHLBI, Bethesda, US) to apply his technologies for the quantification of methionine oxidation onto biological relevant models (ischemia, stroke). For his work at NIH, B Ghesquière received the Orloff Science award. In 2012 Prof Peter Carmeliet recruited him to apply his mass spectrometry knowhow to understand how endothelial cells change their metabolism during angiogenesis. In order to apprehend the metabolomics technologies, B Ghesquière spent several research stays at renowned laboratories (Prof Maciek Antoniewicz, Delaware, US and Prof Eyal Gottlieb, Glasgow, UK). Today he is leading a team of 8 researchers (1 project manager, 1 expert technician, 1 senior postdoctoral scientist, 2 data-analyst, 2 Phd students and one postdoctoral researcher) providing service to metabolomics oriented research groups as well as developing his own research lines focusing on technology (method development, software and hardware) as well as biology (profiling metabolic disorders). The core technology is based on tracer metabolomics providing straightforward insights into the relevant metabolic pathways, as such revealing not only the (in)activity of biochemical paths, but as well their interconnectivity in a wide variety of circumstances.