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Charles completed his MDPhD in 1999 at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund Laboratories and Cancer Research UK clinician scientist/medical oncology training in 2008. Charles combines his laboratory research at the Francis Crick Institute with clinical duties focussed on biological mechanisms of cancer drug resistance. Charles was made Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in April 2011 and Chair in Personalised Cancer Medicine and Consultant Thoracic Medical Oncologist at UCL Hospitals in November 2011. Charles is the Chief Investigator of the CR-UK TRACERx lung cancer evolution study and was awarded the Royal College of Physicians Goulstonian lecture and Graham Bull Prize for Clinical Sciences in 2013 and appointed Fellow of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences in 2013 and Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2015.

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14-15 May 2020, Leuven Belgium
11-13 December 2016, Ghent, Belgium