Lydia Becker Inst of Immunology & Inflammation, Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflam Res, University of Manchester, UK


Elizabeth carried out her undergraduate and MSc studies at University College London before moving to Imperial College London for her PhD on human dendritic cells with Stella Knight. During this time she focused on tissue specific specialisation of dendritic cells and how the function of DCs differs in the gut and the skin, especially in regard to their ability to shape T cell responses. She later trained as a Postdoc at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore to develop her expertise in murine models of IBD before moving to Glasgow for another postdoc with Simon Milling. In this position she investigated microbial interactions with intestinal macrophages which formed to basis of her Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale award which enabled her to move to Manchester to set up her own research lab in 2017.


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Speaker at
13-14 June 2019, Ghent, Belgium