UZ Ghent, BE


Prof. Dr. F. Haerynck (MD, PhD) was trained as a pediatrician at Ghent University Hospital.

After a subspecialisation in Primary Immune deficiency (PID) at Hôpital Necker Paris (France)(Prof. A. Fischer) she joined the department of Pediatric Pulmonology, Infectiology and Immunology at the Ghent University Hospital as a clinical head responsible for PID patients. She established the Centre for Primary Immune deficiency Ghent (CPIG), a multidisciplinary network for PID care in Ghent University Hospital in collaboration VIB -UGent Centre for Inflammation research. Since 2015, CPIG is recognized as a Jeffrey Modell Foundation Diagnosis and Research centre for Primary Immune deficiency. She is director of this centre and is responsible for pediatric PID patients in collaboration with pediatric hematology bone marrow transplant team. She coordinates multidisciplinary meetings on PID. She launched BUBBLE ID foundation, a patient organization for PID patients from Ghent University Hospital. Besides her clinical duties, she is principal investigator, BOF tenure track, of the PID research lab (PIRL) at Ghent University and Ghent University Hospital. She coordinates research on novel PID genes causing Th17 immune disorders, common variable immune deficiency, hyperinflammatory syndromes, innate immune disorders, and radiosensitivity in PID patients. She (co)authored more than 45 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals. She is president of the Belgian PID group (BPIDG) and board member of BelSACI (Belgian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology). She is active member of clinical working party and PID educational working party of European Society of Immune deficiency (ESID).