VIB Flow Core, UGent, BE


Gert Van Isterdael is head of the VIB Flow Core Ghent. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science, he was subsequently a member of the De Jaeger lab (2003-2007) and the Beeckman lab (2007-2013) at the VIB Center of Plant Systems Biology (PSB). During his time at PSB, he became the cell sorter operator for the department where his passion for flow cytometry started. Early 2013, he joined the VIB Center for Inflammation Research (IRC) in the Lambrecht and Hammad lab. He became responsible for all flow cytometers and cell sorters located at IRC and was strongly involved in the conception of the IRC Flow Core facility, which matured last year in the VIB Flow Core Ghent. His primary role is to provide flow cytometry expertise to the users of the core facility. He is a very active member of ISAC, the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry and has received an ISAC SRL Emerging leader award (2016-2020).