The Floor is Yours, BE

Parallel Session 1 - How to make your research presentation clear and convincing? 

Most presentations are boring, too long and predictable. Only few really succeed in grabbing the audience’s attention. That’s a pity, because in that way you lose many opportunities to get more impact.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to present your research in a clear and convincing way, tailored to the target audience. You get tips, practical exercises and inspiring examples.

At the end of this workshop you will know how to:

  • structure your presentation
  • maintain the audience’s attention
  • make a complex story simple
  • get the desired impact with your presentation

Parallel Session 2 - Presenting with confidence: about body language and anxiety on stage

As a speaker, how can you make a strong impact on your audience and control your anxiety? During the masterclass you will learn all about it and get to work. 

  • Anxious? What to do about it?
  • The opening and closing: why are they so important?
  • Body language on stage: what to do with your hands and feet?
  • How to prepare yourself for your presentation?
  • Questions: how to answer them?

The workshops will be given by Hans Van de Water, science communication expert and founder of The Floor is Yours. Hans trains researchers and professionals with complex messages around the world. He is organizer of events such as the “Wetenschapsbattle”, a science communication competition for scientists at primary schools. More information:

Speaker at
27-29 September 2017, Ghent, Belgium