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PhD Ignaas Devisch (1970) is professor in Ethics, Philosophy and Medical Philosophy. He holds a position at Ghent University, department of Primary Care and Family Medicine, and is affiliated with BIG (Bioethics Institute Ghent) and Artevelde University College, Belgium and was researcher for five years at the Radboud University Nijmegen. He publishes in the fields of medical philosophy, philosophy and ethics.

He is co-chairman of a Belgian organisation (de Maakbare Mens) which reflects ethically and philosophically upon biomedical evolutions. (

As a philosopher, he works at the faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine. Since 2003, he teaches philosophy of medicine, ethics and bioethics.

Research areas: philosophy of medicine (patient autonomy; responsibility; lifestyle; obesity; justice); ethics; His research focuses mainly on Autonomy, lifestyle and responsibility in healthcare.

On a regular basis, he intervenes in public debates on issues regarding philosophy of medicine or social philosophy.

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