University of Utrecht, NL

Ineke Braakman is chair of Cellular Protein Chemistry at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Her research aims to uncover mechanisms, maintenance and regulation of protein (mis)folding, with a focus on the secretory pathway, stress responses and impact on disease, such as cystic fibrosis, familial hypercholesterolemia, and viral infections.

After a PhD at Groningen University (NL, 1988) she was post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Ari Helenius, dept. Cell Biology at Yale University, CT, USA. In 1993 she became group leader in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam on a 5-year fellowship from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and was appointed full professor in Utrecht in 2000. Ineke Braakman is EMBO member, (co)organizer of >10 international conferences, was chair of the Board of the Graduate School of Life Sciences, vice chair of the Board of Chemical Sciences at NWO, was co-author of the 2013 vision paper "Chemistry & Physics: Fundamental for our Future", and is member of several (inter)national evaluation committees. Her track record includes 17 graduations of PhD students, with 9 more in progress, >200 invited seminars, professorship-appointment committees, (inter)national evaluation panels and advisory boards of international institutes, and >100 thesis evaluation committees, including 7 international ones.


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26-27 January 2017, Bruges, Belgium