Program manager, TissUse, DE


Juliane studied biology at the University of Rostock and specialized in Molecular Life Science during her Master at the University of Lübeck, Germany. During her studies she was involved in various research projects focusing on neurobiology and tissue engineering. As a student research assistant she worked at the Neuroscience Research Australia in Sydney and at the Beiersdorf AG, where she focused on in vitro skin research. Since 2013 she is working with the Multi-Organ-Chip platform, developed by the company TissUse. Within her master thesis she developed a cocultivation model of dendritic cells and human skin on the Multi-Organ-Chip in cooperation with the Beiersdorf AG. Afterwards she started her PhD at the Technische Universität Berlin in close cooperation with TissUse. Interested in the integration of immunological aspects onto the Multi-Organ-Chip, she is also performing contract research for TissUse and provides practical training for contract partners. During the last three years she gained a lot of expertise in the field of microfluidic systems and in developing a Human-on-a-chip. She is also a member of the graduate school “BB3R” which focusses on the Refinement, Reduction and Replacement of animal models in the area of Berlin-Brandenburg. This fits perfectly to her research on the Multi-Organ-Chip for cocultivation of different organoids and testing of drug candidates and cosmetics as an alternative to animal testing.


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Speaker at
17-18 November 2016, Leuven, Belgium