University of California, Santa Cruz, US


Mark Akeson heads a group developing nanopore technology at the UC Santa Cruz Genomics Institute. The UC Santa Cruz group conceived and executed several of the experiments that established nanopore DNA sequencing as a plausible research tool. Recently this has included coupling enzyme motors to biological pores to regulate polymer displacement past integral sensors within the pores at Angstrom precision. Currently the group is focused on nanopore analysis of DNA epigenetic modifications and on single protein analysis.


* Schreiber J, Wescoe ZL, Abu-Shumays R, Vivian JT, Baatar B, Karplus K, Akeson M. (2013) “Error rates for nanopore discrimination among cytosine, methylcytosine, and hydroxymethylcytosine along individual DNA strands”, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 110,18910-5. (PMID: 24167260)
* Nivala J, Marks DB, Akeson M. (2013) “Unfoldase Mediated Protein Translocation Through an Alpha-Hemolysin Nanopore”, Nature Biotechnology, 31, 247-50.  (PMID: 23376966).
* Cherf, G.M., Lieberman, K.R., Rashid, H., Lam, C.E., Karplus, K., and Akeson, M. (2012) “Automated forward and reverse ratcheting of DNA in a nanopore at 5-Å precision”, Nature Biotechnology, 30, 344-348. (PMCID: 3408072)


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