University of Washington, US


The focus of the MacCoss laboratory is in the development and application of cutting edge mass spectrometry based technologies for the analysis of complex protein mixtures.  Dr. MacCoss’ primary area of expertise is in protein biochemistry, nanoflow liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry instrumentation, and computational analysis of mass spectrometry data.  He has 20 years of mass spectrometry experience that bridges the fields of protein mass spectrometry, isotope ratio mass spectrometry, and quantitative mass spectrometry. His laboratory is also experienced with all aspects of computational analysis of mass spectrometry data – an essential component of any large-scale mass spectrometry analysis.  Furthermore, Dr. MacCoss’ doctoral training was focused on the development of methodology for the measurement of human amino acid and protein metabolism in vivo using stable isotope tracers.  The MacCoss laboratory has been actively applying these tools to important areas of biology including but not limited to, the basic biology of aging, protein-protein interactions, insulin signaling, measurement of protein half-life, transcriptional regulation, characterization of post-translational modifications, proteogenomics, and clinical diagnostics.


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