CSO, AxioMx, US


Dr. Weiner is currently the CSO at AxioMx, Inc. where he is responsible for designing and executing a program to apply advanced engineering, genetic and molecular biology technologies to develop a high-throughput, low cost, and fast antibody-based proteomics platform. Dr. Weiner is the inventor of QuikChange Mutagenesis (cited over 45,000 times in the scientific literature), and a co-inventor of NextGen DNA sequencing, emulsion- and digital-PCR.  At 454 Life Sciences he led the team that developed the first commercially available instrument for whole-genome DNA sequencing (cited >5,000 times in the literature). As head of the Department of Genomic Sciences at GlaxoSmithKline he was responsible for the development of new technologies for genomics, proteomics, and genetics. He received his Ph.D. in Genetics from Cornell University (Ithaca, N.Y.) where he was the first to clone and sequence M.BamHI, and completed post-doctoral training on protein folding of RNaseA and prothrombin in the Department of Physical Chemistry, also at Cornell University.  He is an expert in: gene cloning and protein expression, protein engineering, gene design, genotyping, phage display, yeast two-hybrid, microfluidics, DNA sequencing technology, multiplex biology and biological reactions in ultra-small volumes (<50 pL). His goal at AxioMx is to develop methods to generate custom high-affinity IgG antibodies within 2 weeks of receiving an antigen.

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