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Mike Furness has been working with automated DNA sequencing since 1987, when he moved to the National Institute for Medical Research to set up the core DNA synthesis and DNA sequencing facilities, running one of the first automated DNA sequencers in Europe.Then, following a year at Applied Biosystems, he then moved to ICRF (now Cancer Research UK) working on a Eureka-funded project with Amersham, CEPH and Bertin, to develop novel purification and quantitation methods for DNA that could readily be automated. He then set up and ran the core automated sequencing and microarray facilities for Pfizer in the UK (Pfizer Achievement Award winner), and was responsible for all bioinformatics for the Neurosciences projects. Then, as Director of Pharmacogenomics at Incyte, he led the development of the LifeExpress database, focussed on gene and protein expression changes associated with pharmacology and toxicology with several pharmaceutical collaborators, before transitioning the LifeExpress database content into the Drug Matrix database at Iconix Pharmaceutical, incorporating in vitro pharmacology data (now accessible through the NTP website). He then set up Nuomics Consulting, working with start up companies and venture capital groups in the US and Europe, before joining DNAnexus, at the start of 2011. He has presented and published widely on pharmacogenomics and biomarkers, co-authored several published patents on biomarkers, and served on the Editorial Board of The Pharmacogenomics Journal.



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