UZ Leuven, BE


After a training in Internal medicine and Gastro Enterology and a Ph.D  in the program of Molecular Oncology at the Center for Human Genetics, KULeuven, I became in 09-2003 an Associate Professor in the Dept of Gastro Enterology,  Digestive Oncology Unit, UZ Leuven.  I work as a part time clinician, part time researcher (Senior Clinical Investigator of the Fund for Scientific Research- Flanders (Belgium)) , with a focus on basic and translational research in colorectal cancer. I am a Board member of the EORTC and lead the Translational Research Division at the EORTC.

My focus is on  translational research in colorectal cancer. Projects involve molecular sub classification of colorectal cancer, prognostic  and predictive marker discovery, biomarker qualification studies and integration in prospective trial designs. I work closely with the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and  dedicated bio statisticians  for  many years and  together we have published biomarker subgroups in CRC and their clinical impact. This is further ongoing  with expanded datasets and source data now including bulk DNA, RNA methylation profiles, microbiomes, single cell omics, morphological and  immunohistochemistry markers).

Recently we are addressing the immune microenvironment of CRC with dedicated technologies and models