UZ Ghent, BE


Dr. Xavier Verhelst (MD, PhD) was trained as a gastroenterologist at Ghent University Hospital. After a subspecialisation in liver diseases at Hôpital Beaujon in Clichy (France) he joined the department of gastroenterology and hepatology at Ghent University Hospital as a staff member caring for patients with liver disease with a focus on end stage liver disease and liver transplantation. He is involved in the liver transplant program and the multidisciplinary hepatocellular carcinoma treatment program. Besides his clinical duties, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the hepatology lab of Ghent University, with a focus on the study of glycomics-based biomarkers in liver disease and solid organ transplantation. He is an active member of the global primary biliary cholangitis group, the international primary sclerosing cholangitis study group and the vascular liver disease group. He has been primary or subinvestigator of numerous clinical trials in several liver diseases. He (co)authored more than 40 manuscripts in peer reviewed journals. He is a board member of the Flemish society of gastroenterology (VVGE).