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Kristopher "Kit” Nazor received his PhD from The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, where he co-authored 17 scientific papers in top scientific journals including Nature, Nature Communications, and Cell Stem Cell, as well as several book chapters on statistical methods for the analysis of gene-expression and epigenetic data. He is an expert in stem cell biology, bioinformatics, and disease modeling and has developed and published a multitude of both cell biology and bioinformatics-related techniques. He has contributed ~2000 analyzed data sets to the NIH Gene Expression Omnibus, and has been supported by fellowships from both CIRM and Autism Speaks. With experience in GMP manufacturing of cellular preparations for transplantation in clinical trials, he brings the valuable experience of quality control and procedure standardization critical to the effective scaling and manufacturing of the MYi technology. He is co-inventor the international patent on MYi’s core technology and is responsible for the company taking ownership of its second international patent.  Dr. Nazor was responsible for securing MYi’s $250,000 seed round funding through a Silicon Valley Biotech Incubator, Indie Bio.


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