VIB-KU Leuven Center for Cancer Biology, BE


Marlies Vanden Bempt graduated from the KU Leuven as Bio-engineer in 2013, and started her doctoral research in the lab of Jan Cools in the VIB Center for Cancer Biology. Her research focused on discovering the mechanisms of leukemia development by generating CRISPR-based cell and mouse models. Now she works as coordinator of one of the VIB Grand Challenge programs, with the aim to identify biomarkers for immune checkpoint inhibitors by looking at human tumors on a single-cell level. She loves to present her scientific results to every researcher that dares to pass, but she is equally interested in bringing science into the lives of young and old non-scientists. She participated in ‘Wetenschap op Stap’ already 3 times, and she presented her research on national television in ‘Iedereen Beroemd’. She was also part of the organizing committee of the PhD conference ‘VIBes in Biosciences’ in 2017.

Speaker at
25-26 March 2019 - Antwerp - Belgium