Why sponsor VIB conferences?

Each conference is an ideal platform for your company to reach out to specific target groups in academia and industry.

As sponsor and exhibitor you have the chance to:

  • brand your company through onsite and pre-event exposure
  • network and discuss with some of the leading experts in the field
  • showcase your products and initiate sales leads
  • build partnerships with a highly qualified scientific community

Sponsorship packages - opportunities

Please have a look at your sponsorship options here (pdf).

if you find that our offerings do not provide a perfect match for your marketing needs, let us know, and we will customize a package for you. Note that for some science events – which are not part of the structured VIB conference series program – different packages may apply.


Evy Vierstraete
VIB Science Events Manager


Past event sponsors

10xGenomics Chromotek Invivogen PerkinElmer
Abcam Cirklo Isogenica Pharmafluidics
Absolute Antibody CleanNa Journal of Experimental Botany Plant & Cell Physiology
AbVitro Confocal.nl  JSR Life Sciences Plant Physiology 
AdipoGen Corbel Keralia Plants - journal by MDPI
Advanced Analytical Technologies Covaris KWS Primordial Genetics Inc. 
AgileBio Creoptix AG  Lab Services Purolite Life Sciences
Agilent Technologies Cyagen Labcyte Inc. Qiagen
ALS Liga Diagenode Lambert Instruments Quanterix
Alvéole Diploid Led Techno Research Institute for Chromatography
Amplidata Don Whitley Scientific Leica Microsystems Rigaku
Analis Dovetail Genomics Lexogen Roche
AnaRIC Biologics DuPont Pioneer Lonza Sartorius Bio-Analytics 
Andor eLIFE Luxendo GmbH SBCF
Antec Eppendorf Macrogen Schaefer
Antibodies Online Eurofins Malvern Sciex
Applied Maths Eurogentec Merck Seahorse Bioscience
AptaIT FairJourney Biologics Microsynth SeqLL
Argen-X FCWO Miltenyi Biotec SGI-DNA
Arivis FilterService Mission Bio Shimadzu Benelux
Avacta FNRS Molecular Devices Sigma-Aldrich
Baseclear FWO Molecular Health SomaLogic
Bayer GE Healthcare Molecular Sensing Sopachem
BCCM Gen9 Multiplicom Sophia Genetics
BD Genalice MyCartis Sphere Fluidics
Berthold Technologies GeneCorner Nanopore Stratocore
BGI Tech Geneious NanoTemper Technologies Synabs
Bio-Connect Genewiz New England BioLabs Synthego
Biodesy Genomix4Life New Phytologist Trust Tebu-Bio
Biogazelle Genovis Nikon Teselagen
Bioké Genscript Nimagen The Plant Cell
BioLegend GIMV Novogene The Plant Journal
Bionano Genomics Globachem NuGEN Thermo Fisher Scientific
Bio-Rad Greiner Bio-One NVvM ToolGen
Bio-Techne Hamamatsu Olympus Transnetyx
Bitplane Hamamatsu Photonics Belgium Olympus Europe Trinean
Bluebee Horizon Oncurious Twist BioScience
Boehringer Ingelheim Idea Elan LLC  Oxxius VectorBuilder
Bruker Illumina Pall FortéBio VWR
BSBMB ImaBio Pathomation Vycap
Cambridge Protein Arrays IncuCyte PCO Waters
Cell Signaling Technology InnoSer Laboratories  PDBe  Westburg | TaKaRa | Clontech
Cellecta Instruct-ERIC Pepmic Xpress Biologics
Cellectis Bioresearch Integrated DNA Technologies PeproTech Zeiss